Smart Toilet Micro Drive System Comparison

July 19, 2021

Smart Toilet Micro Drive System Comparison

Drive System for Smart Toilet Lid VS Drive System for Smart Toilet Self-cleaning


Smart toilet, as a differentiated product, attracts much attention since it debuts. It changes the usage and structure of a traditional toilet. More attention is paid to health care, cleaning. However, with the popularity of smart toilets, more consumers are caring about the self-cleaning function and smarter applications of toilets. ZHAOWEI smart toilet drive system includes a drive system for smart toilet lid flipping (toilet lid with motor) and self-cleaning (toilet pump motor). In this scheme, the smart toilet can verify whether the user is using the toilet based on the distance information between the user’s device and the toilet. If it is, the toilet lid will be automatically opened. If not, the toilet lid that has been opened will be automatically closed. The self-cleaning drive system solves the efficiency problem of automatic flushing after use.


smart toilet lid drive system


Drive System for Smart Toilet Lid Flipping

1. To deal with dual flip panels, flipping time, torque and service life.

2. Develop an automatic damping reduction gearbox structure, which adopts a dual structure of worm gear and planetary gearbox. It can easily lift the lid, and the flipping time is short.





smart toilet pump drive systemDrive System for Smart Toilet Self-cleaning

Gear Motor for Toilet Self-cleaning Pump (miniature worm gear motor)


Project Description

By analyzing the traditional toilet, we realize that cleaning toilet has become housework. How to achieve self-cleaning of toilet has been the problem we are considering.



ZHAOWEI developed a detergent pump that can be mounted on the smart toilet. It can evenly spray detergent on the inner wall of the toilet within the set time, realizing self-cleaning of the toilet.