Sensor Pump Gear Motor

June 9, 2021

Sensor Pump Gear Motor

Handwashing has received considerable attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sensor pump becomes touch-less and has joined the fight against the diseases. On the market, even some marketable automatic sensor soap pumps still have their own shortcomings. Lack of soap regulation function, excessive foam will lead to waste of hand sanitizer and sometimes. Here, ZHAOWEI drive system helps to solve such problems.


When the hands approach the sensing area of the sensor pump, the hand sanitizer will automatically flow out, which can effectively avoid contamination by the second touch. The principle of the sensor pump is that there is a sensor next to the hole of the soap sprayer, and the whole sensing area locates below. When we reach out to this area, the hand sanitizer will automatically flow out.

As a manufacturer of smart home drive systems, keeping pace with the market needs, ZHAOWEI provides micro drive systems for sensor pumps. The gear motor for sensor pump makes it possible to achieve an intelligent liquid timing and quantitative supply. The characteristics are great stability, small volume, less energy consumption and low noise.

Enable more possibilities

The motor control module for sensor pump from ZHAOWEI is installed at the bottom of hand washing machine. The motor control module is composed of a micro motor and plastic gears. The gear pump helps to solve the problem of liquid backflow and output flow. Compared with the traditional soap dispenser, the sensor pump enabled by the drive system is more cost-effective as the hand sanitizer can be added inside and be changed according to the needs. It is possible to choose a favorite hand sanitizer at will and make full use of the sensor pump for multiple times without being forced to buy the same brand of hand sanitizer.

ZHAOWEI gear drive module makes sensor pump more valuable

At present, traditional soap dispensers on the market basically fail to be directly filled with hand sanitizer prepared by customers since they adopt a relatively simple mechanical structure. Usually, a thin tube is inserted into the bottom of the soap dispenser bottle. The hand sanitizer goes from the bottle to the large hole in the inner lid. Then, driven by the internal pressure of the sealed container combined with the function of the sensor, the foam will be formed and spray.

In order to control the hand sanitizer flow of the sensor pump, the miniature motor is packaged in the drive module. Combined with the gear structure, the sensor pump is more valuable as the soap can be stably controlled, the foaming efficiency can be improved, the noise will be reduced, and even the service life will be enhanced.

Urgent market demand

The outbreak of COVID-19 further raises the awareness of health and hygiene, and small household appliances with the function of disinfection and sterilization will usher in a new period. To make them more intelligent, ZHAOWEI provides customized electronic drive modules for home appliance manufacturers.

* The sensor pump gear motor mentioned above is designed and developed for specific customers. This is only the showcase. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI provides design, research and manufacture for customers based on their specific needs as well.