Robot Joint Gearbox

June 28, 2021

Robot Joint Gearbox

In order to meet the needs of various types of robot joints developed with modern high-tech, ZHAOWEI provides different gear motor specifications of robot joints ranging from 3.4MM to 45MM. Furthermore, based on years of R&D and design experience combined with the market demand for robot joints, ZHAOWEI optimizes the gear design, manufacturing accuracy and gear backlash. In the interaction between communication and rapid response, DC gear motor is used to drive the robot joints, which requires a larger power-to-weight ratio and torque-to-inertia ratio, higher starting torque, low inertia and wide & smooth speed adjustable range. In particular, the robotic end-effector (gripper) should adopt the joint motor with compact size, light weight and large short-time overload capacity.


The DC gear motor for the robot joint has 2-stage, 3-stage, and 4-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio, input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements of the robot motor. In addition, our gear motors for robots have the characteristics of low voltage, low power, low speed, low noise, long life, miniature size, and high torque, which can better meet the transmission requirements of six-degree-of-freedom control for actions.


The transmission efficiency is improved and the noise is greatly reduced. When designing the robot joint gear mold, the gear displacement coefficient and the planetary gear tooth interference check will be optimized to improve the efficiency of the joint motor and reduce the noise, so that the robot joint moves more flexible.


Based on the development and exploration on abrasion-proof material technology, processing optimization techniques, lubrication technology, packaging technique, life testing technology and transmission mechanism, ZHAOWEI develops and manufactures micro robot joint gearboxes to improve the performance of intelligent robot including perception and identification, mechanism and transmission, control and interaction, etc. The precision robots adopts gear motor with planetary gearhead whose parameters can be customized (diameter: 3.4mm-38mm, power: 0.01-40W, output speed: 5-2000rmp, gear ratio: 5-1500, output torque: 1.0 The voltage, speed and torque of the robot joint gearbox are generally determined according to the customer’s needs.


With the concept of “Industry 4.0” proposed by Germany and the development of 5G technology, the manufacturing industry has gradually shifted from a traditional labor-intensive industry to a technology-intensive industry. Intelligent manufacturing enjoys a promising future which also affects the development of robotics. Since the requirements of robot transmission technology are more sophisticated, ZHAOWEI will provide tailor-made services according to the needs of different customers.