Micro Gear Motor for Washing Machine

May 31, 2021

Micro Gear Motor for Washing Machine

The micro gear motor from ZHAOWEI can be applied to the washing machine. ZHAOWEI makes full use of brushless DC motor manufacturing technology, motion control and gear drive technology to adjust the speed according to the weight of clothes. Therefore, it can reduce noise and vibration, save water and energy. It is durable as well.


Project Introduction:

The gear motor is a part of the washing machine. It drives to rotate the equipment with speed control in dehydration. In response to different needs, washing machines need intelligent frequency conversion control. ZHAOWEI washing machine gear motor can realize the frequency conversion and mute of the motor. When washing, it can reduce the product noise and gear damage during high-speed operation, so as to achieve stability, durability, noise reduction and energy saving. Different washing modes suit for different materials, and the corresponding washing program will be added to improve the washing performance from temperature setting, dehydration and rinsing times, contributing to a better life.



Based on the development experience of micro gearboxes and in-depth research on the structure of washing machine, we further develop the wear-resistant material technology, processing technology optimization technology, lubrication technology, assembly technology and reliability & life-detection technology, and explore the transmission mechanism. The material and gear details of the washing machine gear motor are optimized for high torque, low noise, high efficiency and long service life. What’s more, according to clothing conditions, the intelligent operation and feedback will come true with high precision and great adaptability.