Lift Gearbox for Intelligent Concealed E-cigarette

September 14, 2021

Lift Gearbox for Intelligent Concealed E-cigarette

With the growing demand for e-cigarettes, the functional design of e-cigarettes has improved accordingly. It’s important for enterprises to grasp the market trend. Normal e-cigarette generally adopts a fixed cigarette mouthpiece, which may cause some problems. If the e-cigarette mouthpiece is exposed to open air, it may be easily polluted by the surrounding environment. A lift mouthpiece design can effectively avoid the problem mentioned above.

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ZHAOWEI micro-drive system can be applied to concealed e-cigarettes. It adopts a planetary gearbox combined with a motor. The 4MM planetary gearbox is equipped with the smallest modulus gears, and the pitch of each gear is smaller than the diameter of a hair. It can help the mouthpiece of e-cigarette lift in a limited space. Compared with the mechanical push-pull method, the electric lifting method is more convenient and easy to use. It can improve the service life of the e-cigarette. The miniature lift gear motor enables an intelligent experience under the premise of maintaining the compact size of a portable e-cigarette.


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With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the urgency of replacing traditional tobacco with e-cigarette and breaking the consumption pattern of traditional tobacco has been enhanced. The environmental performance of hidden electronic cigarettes is of great significance to users of electronic cigarettes. The standard 4MM planetary gearbox ZHAOWEI produces can meet the market demand. In addition, we can provide on-demand customization of the gear motor for e-cigarette, involving R&D, production, testing, and assembly.