Gearboxes for Electric Lift Mosquito Net

June 15, 2021

Gearboxes for Electric Lift Mosquito Net

In the hot summer, mosquitoes are rampant, and many families use mosquito nets to repel mosquitoes. As for traditional mosquito nets, most people place mosquito nets on fixed shelves by hand. Although the style is beautiful, mosquitoes can easily get into the net. To prevent mosquitoes from entering the mosquito nets, some mosquito net manufacturers have designed other types like yurts, but it sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable to sleep.

ZHAOWEI micro drive system can be used for intelligent lift mosquito nets. It adopts a 16mm planetary gearbox combined with a lifting push rod motor structure. The low rpm gear motor will be placed at each lifting traction point of the mosquito net to realize the lifting of the mosquito net. The planetary gearbox transmission system realizes the intelligent lowering of the mosquito net body through the reversal of the screw according to the traction force of the mosquito net. One end of the mosquito net lifting rope is connected with the reel and the other end passes through a row of small rings below it. The tents are connected; at this time, the motor placed in the cavity will horizontally rotate the reel to spread the mosquito net horizontally. Through the forward rotation function of the lifting mosquito net gearbox combined with the horizontal winding of the rotation reel, the lifting of the intelligent electric mosquito net is realized.


In order to reduce the noise of electric mosquito nets in use and intelligently adjust the height of the lifting problem, our lifting mosquito net gearbox structure provides two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio, output torque and speed can be changed according to customer needs.

Future Trend

With the development of 5G bandwidth and smart home, our life is becoming more and more intelligent. The emergence of lift-type mosquito nets is the general trend. It can solve the problem of mosquito nets’ occupying the space of the room, and can also enrich people’s life. We can customize various types of micro gear drive systems from design, R&D to manufacturing according to the market demand of smart home manufacturers.