Gearboxes for Automatic Feeder

September 14, 2021

Gearboxes for Automatic Feeder

The breeding cost of agriculture is increasing year by year. Especially, the cost of artificial feeding is high. As labor costs continue to rise, the profits of pigs are further squeezed. Therefore, replacing artificial feeding with intelligent machines is a good choice in reducing costs. And ZHAOWEI gear drive system makes automatic feeder possible.


In the initial stage, manual duty is generally adopted to control the feeding. Due to uneven feeding and manual duty limited by the feeder response time, the feeder often fails to operate automatically and smoothly. Under such a situation, the cleaning process takes at least two hours, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which seriously affects and restricts the working efficiency of the feeder. With the continuous improvement of intelligent technology, the fully automatic feeder system introduced on the market now enables large-scale feeders to realize intelligent feeding from timing and quantitative aspects. In a word, intelligent feeding can not only reduce labor intensity to save labor costs but also better give full play to the feeder function.


Gearbox control system makes intelligent feeding smoother.

The internal transmission system comes to improve and control efficiency. The main parameters of the gearbox for automatic feeder developed by ZHAOWEI that should be taken into consideration include motor diameter, output shaft speed, reduction ratio, power, etc. By means of gear transmission control, the continuously variable transmission of automatic feeder motor is realized in the case of little variation range of slip rate. Then, the automatic feeder control system can quickly and accurately supply food for pigs.


Automatic feeding is an opportunity in the intelligence era.

The large-scale and centralized cultivation of the pig farming industry in large-scale farms is the norm. To solve the breeding problems on a large scale and at low cost, intelligent feeding equipment technology is just needed by the industry. It is also an important industrial management means to realize the profitability of the centralized breeding industry.


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In order to support the application of smart feeding technology, ZHAOWEI develops gear drive systems for automatic feeders of various kinds. According to the parameter requirements of different feeders, customized services are provided to help the smart feeding technology to be applied more flexibly.