Gearbox for PTZ Cameras

May 10, 2021

Gearbox for PTZ Cameras

ZHAOWEI micro drive system can be applied to high-speed PTZ dome camera, which functions in the horizontal and vertical continuous operation of the PTZ camera and speed adjustment, including the ability of rapid reaction, the reliability and life of the high-speed operation, the stability of movement at low speed, and the avoidance of “ghost” images due to the jitter, etc. ZHAOWEI micro drive system can be used to monitor abnormal conditions on roads, such as traffic violations, traffic accidents, public security cases, etc. The camera with ZHAOWEI gear motor can be used to locate and track fast-moving targets to achieve tracking, monitoring, and response to events without blind angles.


Nowadays, in smart cities, the surveillance cameras without motor and automatic rotation of lens fail to meet the needs. The load-bearing capacity of the PTZ will be different as the cameras and protective covers differ. As the internal space of the high-speed dome PTZ camera is limited, in order to realize the transmission requirements of compact size and high torque, the gearbox design platform will be used to distribute the modification coefficients reasonably, optimize the meshing angle, and check the slip rate and coincidence. Thus, it is possible to improve efficiency, reduce the noise and prolong the service life of the PTZ camera gearbox. The drive system for PTZ camera combines a stepper motor and camera pan/tilt gearbox. Variable transmissions (2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage) can be adjusted for expected reduction ratio and input speed & torque, thus intelligently adjusting the horizontal and vertical continuous operation angle and speed of the camera rotation. Then, the camera with great responsiveness and efficiency can continuously track the monitoring target and adjust the rotation angle according to the target.


PTZ cameras with a gearbox will be more stable

It is not easy to manufacture a PTZ camera gearbox whose features are stability and long service life. In fact, in addition to R&D capability, this also relies on the precision of micro gearbox and the yield of motor combination. In recent years, most of the high-speed dome cameras use DC motor, which is more balanced with less noise, but the production cost is high, the control system is complex, and the service life is short. Therefore, the “three-stage of planetary gear transmission structure” is adopted, which is combined with stepper motor as the drive force, whose features are low manufacturing cost, precise positioning control, long service life, etc. The multi-stage planetary gearbox structure comes to reduce the image jitter in the low-speed and high-magnification state, and the variable-speed rotation helps to capture the moving target. The automatic rotation also solves the problem of losing the moving target right under the camera lens.


The development of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and high-definition digital cameras speeds up the creation of smart cities where high-speed dome cameras have become the blue-eyed boy in the surveillance field. The camera pan/tilt is the main mechanical part of the high-speed PTZ dome camera, and its reliability determines its stable and uninterrupted performance.

The customizable gearbox specifications for PTZ camera are:

Diameter: 3.4mm to 38mm

Output Speed: 5rpm to 1500rpm

Speed Ratio: 5-2000