Gear Motors for TV Pop-up Camera

June 15, 2021

Gear Motors for TV Pop-up Camera

ZHAOWEI micro drive system can be used for smart TV pop-up camera. The power system of the camera can be built into the TV set through lifting gearbox structure to realize the intelligent and automatic hiding or opening of the TV camera.


Along with the arrival of the broadband era, the demerit of traditional TVs shows up quietly, which has been adverted gradually. Users look forward to smart interconnection as well as humanized interaction via video scenes. Many TV manufacturers have added a camera interface to the TV, but it is mostly a USB external camera, which is not quite in tune with the style of the home decoration and not in line with the humanized use of smart TV owing to its inconvenient operation.

Intelligent & Stable

Because of the limited space at the top of the TV set, ZHAOWEI also takes the “compact size” into consideration when designing the lifting TV camera. How to use small yet high torque gearbox to drive the intelligent TV camera to lift stably without affecting the clarity of the camera image caused by camera shake.


4mm metal planetary gearhead with stepper motor is adopted to achieve an intelligent and stable lifting process. Such a straight way to complete lifting also better makes low noise possible. In the lifting drive system, 24V DC is used as the power supply, and 24V permanent magnet DC motor is used as the driving power source. After 24V DC power is supplied to the motor, the motor rotates helically. The stepper motor combined with the planetary gearhead performs the first-stage deceleration. A nut is fixed on the inner tube. The rotation of pushrod is like turning a screw and the TV camera will pop up after the nut is screwed. By switching the positive and negative poles of the 24V DC power supply, the motor will reverse. It will allow the module to descend, thus achieving the intelligent descending of the TV camera.


Considering the various possibilities, the planetary gearbox structure used in smart TV pop-up camera has 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmission changes. The reduction ratio, output speed and torque can be changed according to the requirements.


When analyzing the future market of smart TV, ZHAOWEI found that TV users are in pursuit of the function of face recognition and tracking. Microdrive technology has played a prominent role in such a success. Thus, ZHAOWEI adds a custom rotary gearbox structure to the bracket of the intelligent lifting camera and the top of the bracket of camera connecting port. The planetary gearhead here is matched with the Matlab real-time face recognition and tracking algorithm code in the camera drive encoder, which can intelligently adjust the face recognition, realize the auto camera focus and achieve face tracking, thus making the communication more dedicated and interactive without any manual operation.