Gear Motors for Lifting Range Hood

May 31, 2021

Gear Motors for Lifting Range Hood

ZHAOWEI micro drive system can be applied to the lifting range hood by integrating 24mm planetary gearbox. The planetary gearbox drive system automatically senses the amount of fumes according to the kitchen smoke detector, and realizes intelligent lifting of the range hood through the forward and reverse rotation of the screw. The corresponding part for fume extraction is closer to the source of the fume, which can lock the oil fumes and shorten its rising distance, making it possible for ideal smoke venting.

With the development of home automation, kitchen and bathroom appliances are becoming more and more intelligent. Many home decoration styles tend to integrate kitchens and halls. However, the problem with open kitchens is fumes everywhere. Most range hoods on the market use the technology of large air volume and strong air pressure to achieve the suction power of the range hood and the degree of oil pollution purification. But there are still some drawbacks, such as increased noise along with the large air volume. The one who will solve the pain point of the hood, who will win the market. Then, by analyzing the internal structure of the hood and taking the side suction of the fumes into consideration, ZHAOWEI micro gear drive helps to solve the problem of indoor air pollution caused by the traditional range hood. When cooking, the oil fume can be sucked away in time without cleaning.



We can customize various types of micro gear motors from design, tooling fabrication, components manufacturing and assembly according to the product requirements of kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. In order to meet different parameter requirements for different lifting range hoods, our single-stage, 2-stage and multi-stage gear drive structure can be customized, and its reduction ration, input speed and torque can be adjusted as well.