Gear Motors for Intelligent Hot Pot Cooker

May 26, 2021

Gear Motors for Intelligent Hot Pot Cooker

The motorized lifting hot pot cooker is a transform of the traditional hot pot cooker. An automatic lifting system and a grid are added. The separable internal grid can separate the dishes and soup. Just press the button, the grid in the pot will automatically rise up, separating the dishes from the soup base. No need to fishing for ingredients anymore. Press the button again after the dish is picked up or gets cool to continue cooking. At the same time, it can avoid the phenomenon of boiling soup splashing and burning the people sitting around when the raw dishes are poured into the soup base.


Intelligent Drive Systems for Hot Pot Cooker

The lifting hot pot cooker is mainly composed of the glass lid, pot basket, pot body, electrified base and pot gripper clip. The center of the inner pot liner is equipped with a lifting assembly. The lifting assembly includes a housing, the battery mounted in the housing, circuit board, motor, gearbox, screws and lifting nuts. The battery, circuit board and motor form the electric circuit. The screw is matched with the output shaft of the motor through the gearbox and the circuit board is connected with the signal of the controller. The inner pan is connected with the outer pan through the switch for lifting which has built-in springs whose elastic force can drive the inner pan rise and fall.


Stable, Reliable and Smooth

At present, the lifting cooking pots on the market are relatively small, which is only suitable for gathering with three or five family members or friends. Higher torque may lead to unstable and loud noise, affecting the user experience. In order to solve this problem, ZHAOWEI takes the design requirements of the hot pot cooker manufacturer into consideration and adds the lifting gearbox structure to the lifting assembly of the hot pot cooker. The micro gear motor conducts cw&ccw rotation that by merely pressing the button, the electric hot pot cooker can intelligently lift, thus avoiding the safety hazard of spilling the soup base when the cooker operates.


ZHAOWEI drive system for intelligent lift hotpot cookers often adopts 24V low-voltage direct current as the power supply, and 24V permanent magnet brushless DC motor as the drive motor. After 24V DC power is supplied to the motor, the motor will rotate hectically. The stepper motor combined with the 16mm planetary gearhead performs the first-stage deceleration. A nut is fixed on the inner tube. The rotation of pushrod is like turning a screw. The inner pan will rise after the nut is screwed. By switching the positive and negative poles of the 24V DC power supply, the motor will reverse. It will allow the module to descend, thus achieving the intelligent descending of the inner pan. This makes the lifting process more stable with less mechanical loss, low noise and expected speed.


* The gearbox stages (2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage), gear ratio, input speed, torque, etc. can be customized according to customer needs. Feel free to contact us and customize your own drive system.