Gear Motors for Electric Power Steering (EPS)

May 7, 2021

Gear Motors for Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Electric power steering, abbreviated as “EPS”, uses the power generated by an electric motor to assist the driver in steering. Electric power steering has more advantages over traditional hydraulic power steering systems. Electric power steering (EPS) gradually gains popularity these days.


Electric power steering system generally consists of torque sensors, electronic control units (ECU), motors, and mechanical steering gears. The power generated by EPS depends on the size of the motor, the current, and the gear ratio of the gearbox. ZHAOWEI gear motor for the EPS system can meet the performance requirements of higher stability and reliability. It’s suitable for the automobile industry. The steering assist provided by the EPS system is directly generated from the motor, with no need to mount power steering oil pumps, hoses, hydraulic oil, conveyor belts, and pulleys on the engine. It saves energy and protects the environment. Besides, it has the characteristics of simple adjustment, flexible assembly, and high adaptability under various situations. EPS system for automobiles can greatly reduce the difficulty in adjusting the steering wheel, improve the stability of the operation, and greatly save space.


When the driver performs steering on the steering wheel, the torque sensor detects the steering of the steering wheel and the magnitude of the torque. Then it will transmit the voltage signal to the electronic control unit. The electronic control unit issues instructions to the motor control according to the voltage signal, direction of rotation, and speed signal detected by the torque sensor, making the electric motor output steering assist torque of a corresponding magnitude and direction, thereby generating auxiliary power. Thanks to the gear motor for the electric power steering system, this process can be fulfilled intelligently and efficiently.


ZHAOWEI Gear Motor for Electric Power Steering

Based on the mathematical model and the auxiliary characteristics, ZHAOWEI proposes an automobile gear motor for EPS, also called EPS gearbox. ZHAOWEI adopts a DC servo motor for the EPS system. Equipped with a gearbox, it features a wide speed adjustment range, high torque, large overload capacity, high reliability, small energy loss, and low noise. It allows for smooth adjustment and flexible controls as well. Meanwhile, the gear ratio of the gear motor will affect the assist force of the EPS system. For higher quality and better performance, ZHAOWEI analyzes the characteristics of the EPS auxiliary function.


* The electric power steering gear motor mentioned above is only shown as a case that is developed for specific customers. It can be also customized according to customer requirements.