Gear Motors for Cabinet or Drawer

June 9, 2021

Gear Motors for Cabinet or Drawer

Drawers or cabinets are an important storage space in our daily lives. In general, there are multiple drawers at home or in the office. Most of the things in the drawer are personal items. To protect personal privacy or belongings, we usually use a lock for drawer or cabinet protection. However, problems such as the loss of keys and the inability to open the drawers and cabinets often appear, which need to be solved for a higher level of home automation.


Based on embedded technology, the intelligent drawer terminal collects data through IoT sensors such as RFID, and then transmits the collected data to the controller for processing. After processing, the entire terminal is operated through various sensors, including GSM SMS reminder, RFID identification and more. Whether it is a plane lock, a link lock or a cross-type door lock, the safety and reliability of a lock mainly depend on the gear motor of the lock cylinder.


Why choose the gear motor from ZHAOWEI?

In order to improve the reliability of unlocking and locking of the intelligent drawer, ZHAOWEI uses miniature 3.4MM, 4MM planetary gearbox to achieve the transmission demand of small volume and high torque. 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage transmission changes are available so that the reduction ratio, input speed, as well as torque of the gearbox, can be customized according to the design requirements of the starter motor of the drawer lock. After the information is transmitted, check whether the information is correct and give feedback. Send the corresponding feedback by sending different instructions to the circuit board that can accept Bluetooth information, and then the motor starts to drive the gear and spur rack, and push the bolts up and down to achieve the effect of the switch.


The unlocking latch of the general cabinet lock is controlled by the front panel, and ZHAOWEI gear drive system consists of the precision gearbox and micro motor, which helps to effectively control the transmission of the intelligent drawer cabinet lock cylinder. This gearbox design makes the lock cylinder safe and reliable with long service life for locking & unlocking.


In the market, whether gears or spur racks of the cabinets of lockers, most of them are made of plastic. If they are used for a long time, they will wear out, which makes the meshing drive out of sync. Simply put, locking the door latch will be closed incompletely. To solve this serious problem, ZHAOWEI used POM materials and optimized the performance of the gearbox as well as the gear structure at the beginning of the design. Based on the kinematics simulation and finite element analysis, the integrated design platform for the gearbox is used to realize the automatic parameter design of the involute planetary gear system, bevel gear, face gear and other mechanisms. By optimizing the gear parameters, such as the displacement coefficient, the tooth coefficient, the pressure angle, the center distance, etc., the meshing shock velocity is reduced. The ratio of the impact velocity when meshing out to the engagement impact velocity when meshing in is at a certain range. The gear design method that reduces the impact of the meshing pitch circle helps to meet the requirement of low noise of the gear motor.


The intelligent drawer cabinet lock gearbox is suitable for centralized control cabinets such as lockers, letterboxes, storage cabinets, logistics cabinets, file cabinets, meter boxes, vending machines, mobile phone cabinets, shoe cabinets, etc. Such kinds of gear motors are widely used in schools, community logistics, hotels, factories, bathing centers, banks, supermarkets and other places.