Gear Motor for Pan-Tilt Heads

May 19, 2021

Gear Motor for Pan-Tilt Heads

Project Explanation:


ZHAOWEI has rich experience in micro gearbox development. It adopts permanent magnet DC motor as the drive source and worm and helical gearbox as the reducer, effectively solving the problems of jitter and noise. Confronted with the gap jitter that may appear in the operation of the common pan-tilt heads, ZHAOWEI prolongs its service life and optimizes the gear backlash based on the finite element analysis of the tooth shape.


If the geared tripod heads are applied to cameras, the scope of surveillance will be expanded and the use value of the camera will be further improved. Under the action of the control voltage (the output voltage of the tripod head controller), the motorized pan-tilt head can rotate horizontally and vertically for “panoramic” shooting to better capture the desired targets in a wider range.


Compared with the pan-tilt head with manual control, the intelligent pan-tilt head is easier to operate, shoot and automate. ZHAOWEI gear motor can be installed on aerial cameras for panoramic aerial photography, drone aerial photography and installed on other devices for landscape photography, commemorative group photo, three-dimensional panoramic display and virtual roaming production.


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The gear motor for pan-tilt heads mentioned above is only shown as a case that is developed for specific customers. It can be also customized according to customer requirements.