Gear Motor for Logistics Camera

June 18, 2021

Gear Motor for Logistics Camera

Despite the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics and distribution have always been the bottleneck of e-commerce development. The imperfect distribution system, high logistics cost, poor service quality, low efficiency, and small distribution scope greatly hinder the development of e-commerce. To improve the efficiency of distribution centers, which are the foundation of the logistics supply chain, has been an urgent task for logistic companies. Thus, intelligent technology has become the development trend of the logistics industry. ZHAOWEI does some contributions to this industry: In combination with the Internet of Things (IoT), gear motor for security alarm sensors and cameras help monitor theft and protect goods.


With the help of intelligent technology, logistics companies can realize remote control including locking doors, receiving alerts, real-time monitoring. The data can be collected and analyzed to improve shortcomings.


Generally speaking, the logistics camera is small. Thus, the gear motor for the logistics camera needs to be placed in a limited space and meet the requirements of compact size and high torque at the same time. ZHAOWEI gear motor for logistics camera uses an 8mm planetary gear motor. To realize the different torque requirements of the camera at different angles and positions, ZHAOWEI designed a multi-layer variable transmission structure. You can achieve your specific requirements for transmission ratios and torque by selecting 2-stage, 3-stages, and 4-stages gearboxes. Flipping the camera in all vision systems, flipping the side camera, screwing out the camera at the top of the machine, and stretching and retracting the camera can be realized.


Low Noise

ZHAOWEI adopts a comprehensive design platform in the early stage of development and design, achieving automatic structure design, including involute planetary gear system, bevel gear, and face gear. By optimizing gear parameters like modification coefficient, tooth coefficient, pressure angle, and center distance, ZHAOWEI reduces the impact speed of meshing and limits the ratio of meshing-in impact speed to the meshing-out impact speed in a certain range. With these measures taken, the noise during use will be reduced.

ZHAOWEI makes correlative optimization in service life and quality for the product as well. During the design stage, ZHAOWEI uses kinematics simulation to verify the smoothness and local interference of the gear pairs during the gearbox design stage. At the same time, the finite element analysis technology is used to analyze and check the tooth surface strength of spiral teeth and bevel gears. Cavity pressure technology is used to detect changes in cavity pressure during injection molding and monitor product quality.

ZHAOWEI gear motors for the camera cover various models, like gear motor for rotating phone camera, stepper motor for the pop-up camera, drive system for conference video system, gear motor for auto-focus camera, etc.