Electric Sofa Gear Motor

May 31, 2021

Electric Sofa Gear Motor

Being intelligent and technological has become the future trend of home automation. To follow this trend, ZHAOWEI linear actuator drive system can be applied to intelligent sofa transmission.


ZHAOWEI sofa linear actuator drive system adopts DC motor to drive the screw to realize the intelligent expansion and contraction of the sofa footrest device. The telescopic rod at the sofa footrest can extend but fails to rotate. ZHAOWEI gear motor has positive and negative poles – the positive pole means stretching out, and the negative pole means the capability of being retracted. By switching the positive and negative poles of DC motor, the motor will rotate in the clockwise direction or in counter-clockwise direction for retracting and unfolding of the smart electric sofa.


Based on the traditional sofa design, the intelligent electric sofa gearbox drive system collects data through embedded technology, RFID and other IoT sensors, and then transmits the collected data to the controller for processing, and then passes through various sensors after processing. This facilitates to realize the operation of the entire terminal, achieve a variety of specific functions and systematically work with other indoor appliances, leading to a cozy life.



In order to achieve the reliability of the telescopic retracting and unfolding of the intelligent electric sofa, ZHAOWEI adopts planetary gearbox to realize the compact size and high torque. There are 2-stage, 3-stage and 4-stage transmission options that the reduction ratio can be changed and the input speed as well as torque of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements of the starting motor of the electric sofa. After the information is transmitted, make corresponding feedback after the correct information is checked. Send different commands to the circuit board that accepts Bluetooth information, and then start the motor. The motor is combined with the ZHAOWEI smart electric sofa gearbox to realize intelligent telescopic expansion.



ZHAOWEI Drive comes to change home life. No matter which kind of sofa, the first thing that comes to mind is its comfort and ease of use. The circuit and current direction can be controlled by the phone APP or the function buttons on the sofa armrests so the sofa angle can be intelligently set for sitting or leaning, and keep the memory that the sofa automatically returns to the normal angle after the person gets up. When the person sits down or lies down, it automatically adjusts to the angle set before. A smarter sofa can also remember each person’s preferred sitting posture according to the body and weight of each person and intelligently identify the member who is sitting and provide a comfortable angle.