Drive Systems for Rotating Smart Speaker

May 26, 2021

Drive Systems for Rotating Smart Speaker

When it comes to smart home with voice interaction, the interactive smart speaker must first pop into your head. Smart speakers combine WIFI connection with traditional speakers, which can provide various content such as music, audiobooks, Internet services and scene-based smart home control capabilities.


As for many companies, the one who can pay more attention to the quality and functions of smart speakers can better gain popularity. As a manufacturer of smart home drive systems, ZHAOWEI designs and develops rotating reduction module solutions for intelligent speakers based on the needs of speaker manufacturers.


Adjusting Position Automatically

The smart speaker rotating reduction module from ZHAOWEI is applied to the encoder of the speaker and placed on the bottom of the speaker. The rotating base in the rotating reduction module is connected to the controlling part, both of whom are fixed devices. The controlling part is electrically connected to the audio component. The rotating reduction module has the characteristics of a compact structure and a small size. The speaker cabinet realizes audio playback through audio components. During the operation process, when the volume adjustment is required, the rotating part is driven by the reduction module from ZHAOWEI to make the rotating encoder work. The rotating encoder transmits the displacement signal to the controlling part, and the controlling part controls the volume according to the signal received. It enables users to adjust the volume of audio playback, helps to locate far-field pickup sound sources, and improves the efficiency of recognition. This voice assistant speaker motor module makes it easy for speakers to adjust the position automatically, form the beam, suppress the noise, reduce the echo, etc.


Empowering 360° Free Rotation

In addition, the smart speaker geared motor makes it possible can rotate for 360°. The difference from ordinary smart speakers is that the permanent magnet DC motor is used as the driving source. The drive structure composed of a worm gear and a helical gear can effectively solve the problem of smart speaker speakers such as jitter and noise that ordinary speakers fail to deal with. ZHAOWEI solves the problems of short life and poor backlash based on the analysis of gear finite elements. It can realize the separation and alternation of two-channel stereo and four-channel dual-stereo areas. Thus, a wide stereo listening range can be available and a wonderful background effect can be produced by the synchronous operation of sound and light thanks to the geared motor for a voice-activated portable speaker.


Voice interaction will be one of the directions for the development of smart home control systems in the future. Smart speakers are just one form of expression while smart speaker manufacturers are actively exploring new forms. At present, it is the highlight time of smart speakers. Interactive smart speakers have more room for development in terms of technology optimization and scene innovation. ZHAOWEI can provide customized solutions for micro-drive systems and electronic drive modules for the majority of speaker manufacturers in audio drive systems.