Drive Systems for Range Hood

June 9, 2021

Drive Systems for Range Hood

For almost all of the people, the cooking oil fumes maybe a kitchen nightmare. Therefore, if there is a high-quality range hood, the cooking oil fume can be sucked away in time during cooking and there is no need to clean. This is what everyone pursuits. Luckily, ZHAOWEI flip drive system can be applied to the range hood to automatically open the panel, which helps to shorten the flipping time from multiple angles, increase the torque and prolong the service life.


The automatic flipping system for the range hood features:

* It adopts planetary gearbox, which has great noise reduction performance.

* It adopts a combination of planetary gearbox and worm gear, which enables to flip the panel easily.

With the development of the Internet of Things and consumption upgrades, consumers’ needs towards the kitchen are becoming more and more diverse. Actually, the intelligence of a single product is only the initial stage of smart home. Only with the coordinated intelligent linkage between products, can a better automation experience be created. Therefore, ZHAOWEI keeps promoting the intelligence of a series of appliances by offering micro drive systems, covering dishwashers, cookers, water purification systems, cabinets, water heaters, etc.

The specifications of gear motors that can be applied to the smart kitchen and bathroom equipment include 22MM, 24MM, 28MM, 32MM, 38MM. Among them, 22MM and 24MM gear motors will be suitable for the range hood. If you don’t find what you need in these specifications, feel free to contact our online sales engineers or technicians.