Drive Systems for Automotive Tailgate Support Rod

May 7, 2021

Drive Systems for Automotive Tailgate Support Rod

Nowadays, the electric tailgate of automobiles has many convenient functions, such as intelligent clamping, emergency locking, etc., which are becoming more and more popular. The electric tailgate is associated with the electric trunk, which means that the car’s trunk can be opened and closed by remote control. ZHAOWEI gear motor for electric tailgate support rod makes the opening and closing more stable and effective.


The Electric Tailgate Brings Convenience to Us

Modern cars have many new features of the tailgate. First, the driver can open and close the tailgate by pressing a button. Second, if the tailgate sensors an objection during opening and closing, The tailgate will move in the opposite direction, effectively preventing children from being injured or damaging the vehicle. Third, in an emergency, the tailgate needs to be closed urgently. During the opening or closing of the electric tailgate, the tailgate can be stopped at any time by the remote control key and can be controlled as required. Fourth, the opening height of the electric tailgate can be adjusted, and the owner can set the final opening height of the tailgate through the manual control button according to the owners’ habits.


The electric tailgate for SUV is very heavy. In order to be able to withstand such weight firmly, the selection of the supporting force of the tailgate putter is very important.


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Gear Motor Powers SUV Tailgate

The basic structure of the electric tailgate consists of two drive rods. The electric tailgate support rod is composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. The lead screw in the inner tube is driven by a gearbox, which is fixed to a nut on the outer tube. The electric tailgate lever opens and closes the trunk lid spring through two drive rods driven by electric motors. The gear reduction motor used for the electric tailgate must have high torque, high efficiency, low noise, and smooth operation. ZHAOWEI gear motor meets these requirements.


The automotive tailgate support rod gearbox mentioned above is only shown as a case that is developed for specific customers. It can be also customized according to customer requirements.