Drive Systems for Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)

May 8, 2021

Drive Systems for Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS)

Adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) provides automobiles with dynamic rotation adjustment as well as a dynamic level adjustment. It can adjust the headlight level according to the signal of the load axis sensor, which can adapt to different loads and different slope environments. Generally, the rotation and leveling of the car’s AFS are achieved by stepper motors, so it is important for designers to use the right motor.

AFS is a system consisting of a sensor group, a transmission path, a processor, and an actuator. The AFS actuator is made up of various motors and optical mechanisms. There are generally projection headlights, an adjustment motor that adjusts the vertical angle of the headlights, a rotary motor that adjusts the horizontal angle of the headlights, a movable grating that adjusts the basic light pattern, and some additional lights.


The existing automatic horizontal dimming device consists of two suspension height sensors, one ECU, and two stepper motors. When the height of the car body changes, the front axle, and rear axle height sensors will output different voltage signals to the ECU in real-time. The ECU can calculate the inclination of the vehicle body relative to the initial position according to the output signals of the front and rear axle height sensors and the vehicle body wheelbase. Then the illumination height of the headlights is adjusted by controlling stepper motors to compensate for this change. However, the light-adjusting system of the present invention is complex and costly, and the light-adjusting motor can be easily damaged.


Stepper motors from ZHAOWEI effectively drive headlight


ZHAOWEI takes the safety of driving at night into consideration. The safety and stability of the headlights are very important. And stepper motors are important components that help the headlights meet the lighting requirements during the driving process at night. ZHAOWEI optimizes the structure and gear precision of the gear motor for the car headlight regulator, effectively improving the efficiency and quality of the rotating gear motor and stabilizing the gear transmission angle in the long run and on the pitted road.


The gearbox for AFS mentioned above is only shown as a case that is developed for specific customers. It can be also customized according to customer requirements.