Door Lock Gear Motors

June 15, 2021

Door Lock Gear Motors

By embedding the gear motor consisting of smart lock motor and lock gearbox into the lock cylinder system, the reliability of the unlocking process can be achieved, and the speed of opening lock, as well as the safety of the door lock, can be improved. Meanwhile, the lock cylinder service life can be prolonged.


Project Background

With the development of the Internet of Things and wireless communication technology, the concept of intelligent life resonates with the heart of the user. As an important role in the intelligent security industry and home automation industry, fingerprint lock and other intelligent locks have been gaining more and more popularity by market and users.



It is an urgent problem to improve the reliability, speed and security of the intelligent home door lock.


Project Introduction

In order to improve the security and reliability of the intelligent door lock, ZHAOWEI puts forward the DC motor door lock solution for lock cylinder system, also known as smart door lock motor control system. It comprises a micro smart lock motor and precision lock gearbox, contributing to better performance of each home smart door lock.


1. How to improve the speed of unlocking? ZHAOWEI smart door lock motor control system adopts the DC motor lock needs specially and the gearbox with the planetary structure to control unlock and lock function of lock core. This design makes lock core controllable, brings high reliability and enables long service life.


2. Then, how to improve the security of unlocking? ZHAOWEI smart door lock motor control system will display “why not afraid of a mysterious box”. In general, the locking bolt of the home door is controlled by the front panel. ZHAOWEI lock gear motor can directly cooperate with the lock core to form the rear lock control panel Special defense measures will be taken in the aspect of anti-electromagnetic interference as this drive system has passed the test of electromagnetic interference of different power and various failure analysis, thus realizing anti-interference magnetic. Also, it helps to avoid opening the door for strangers when meeting with intelligent door lock short circuits.


3. Last but not least, the reliability of unlocking also matters. There are different parameters of micro gearbox used for locking core for multi-stage transmission changes from 1-stage to 4-stage. Then, the reduction ratio, stator speed and torque can be correspondingly adjusted according to the driving demand of the clutch motor in the locking body. Thus, it can realize the intelligent drive with compact structure, strong dynamic for high efficiency, and high torque. No longer need to be confronted with the embarrassment caused by failing to open the lock even under correct operation.


The ZHAOWEI gear motor for intelligent lock adopted in this scheme has been tested and shown great performance: It can withstand vibration, shock and high & low temperature, and the performance/volume ratio (PVR) is optimized. Suffering from tests about low electromagnetic interference and low noise, ZHAOWEI geared smart lock motor features low noise, high dynamic performance, high power density, low energy consumption and durability.