Dishwasher Pump Motor

August 11, 2021

Dishwasher Pump Motor

People always spare no efforts to make their life easier. The invention of the dishwasher relieves people from the dull washing work. We can also see ZHAOWEI’s gear motor in the dishwasher…


How do Dishwashers work?
The dishwasher is a commonly used kitchen device that cleans and dry the dishes automatically. Compared to hand wash, a dishwasher has higher detergency because the machine carries higher pH detergents and hotter water than human hands can bear. When the machine starts to work, the electric pump at the bottom will spray out heated water (at the temperature of 45℃~70℃/115℉~160℉). Then the metal spin arms mix the hot water and detergent together to clean the stains on the dishes. At the same time, the plastic paddles spin around to make sure all-around cleaning. After the water has bounced off the plates, it falls back to the bottom of the machine, where it is heated and pumped around the circuit again.

dishwasher motor applications

Difficulties of Making Dishwasher Pump Motor
The most important element that evaluates a dishwasher’s performance is whether it makes the dishes clean. Therefore, the cleaning pump is the key part of the dishwasher. The output flow is the essential parameter to estimate the pump’s performance, which directly affects the cleaning efficiency. A perfect dishwasher pump should make sure the water spraying out at every corner without damaging the dishes. Also, noise is another main parameter when purchasing a dishwasher. Nobody will choose a noisy dishwasher.

ZHAOWEI’s Solutions of Dishwasher Pump Motor
In order to solve the problems above, engineers from ZHAOWEI find out the following solutions:
1. A micro planetary gearbox is set in the dishwasher pump motor, whose noise is lower than 45db (test within 10cm) to achieve quiet work.
2. ZHAOWEI adopts a stepper motor as the drive motor to control the strew structure to precisely control the number of detergents. As such design, the dishwasher pump drive module is as small as a matchbox, which is suitable for every type of dishwasher.
3. ZHAOWEI’s dishwasher pump motor provides multiple-stage adjustments, which can accurately control the pressure and flow. Only a few detergents can perfectly clean the dishes, improving cleaning efficiency.

whirlpool dishwasher motor

Best Choice for Dishwasher Pump Motor
After a great amount of practice, 6mm gear motor is the best choice of dishwasher pump. The technical parameters of 6mm gearbox by ZHAOWEI are shown below:

Parameters of Gear Motor for Dishwasher Pump:
Operating temperature
Direction of rotation
Voltage (Optional)
Rolling bearing/Porous bearing
Axial Endplay
Rated Speed
4-1563 rpm
Max Rated Torque
Reduction Ratio
Overall Length
Motor (Optional)
Coreless/Stepper/DC/BLDC Motor