Automotive Tailgate Latch Lock Gearbox

February 23, 2021

Automotive Tailgate Latch Lock Gearbox

The gear motor for tailgate manufactured by ZHAOWEI is a product of the automotive tailgate 4.0 era. It consists of a spindle thread actuator and outer tubes. A threaded spindle is fixed on the screw nut of the inside of the outer tube. The inner tube of the motor and the gearbox will drive it to move. Thus, it can open and close the trunk lid spring, as well as help the trunk cover open.


Problem: insufficient torque and big noise during use


Scheme: optimize and adjust the structure of the gear and the whole scheme of the car electric tailgate.


The gear motor for the automotive tailgate latch lock is designed and developed for specific customers. This is only the showcase. Besides selling standard products, ZHAOWEI provides design, research, and manufacture for customers based on their specific needs as well.