Electric Scalp Massager Motor

June 28, 2021


The accelerating pace of life and increasing work pressure affects people’s health a lot. The increasing number of patients with chronic diseases, the declining age at high incidence, and the high proportion of sub-healthy people have attracted people’s attention. People’s awareness of health preservation is gradually increasing. With the improvement of consumption ability, various massagers gain their popularity. ZHAOWEI brushless DC motor combined with planetary gearbox can be applied to electric scalp massager, improving the service life and torque of gearboxes with compact size and reducing noise at the same time.


Features of Gear Motor for Electric Scalp Massager

Herringbone gears are adopted to optimize the gearbox structure of the massager. It can realize high torque with compact size. Intelligent adjustment of the vibration intensity and frequency can be realized through adjusting the slow forward rotation of the electric scalp massager.
The gears of the planetary gearbox adopt the tough and elastic POM material. The self-lubricating feature of the POM material reduces the noise and extends the service life of the electric scalp massager gearbox.